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What is Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy is not a new concept. The treatment was originally devised by a doctor in Europe who made use of stamps containing micro-needles to improve the appearance of scars. Later, this concept evolved into using a roller with micro-needles attached to its surface. Although results were very encouraging, this collagen induction roller treatment presented certain limitations;

The needle depth was not adjustable and the depth of treatment was solely dependent on the therapist’s manual pressure whilst rolling the device over the skin.
The areas that typically require more focused attention, such as the upper lip and around the eyes, were hard to reach with the roller.
Although all collagen induction treatments make use of a numbing cream to increase client comfort, the roller treatment was unnecessarily uncomfortable.
Collagen Induction, whether by roller or mechanical pen, is the process whereby multiple fine needles are employed to vertically penetrating the skin, thus creating small channels into the deeper layers of the skin. These pin-point punctures create “micro wounds”, whilst leaving the epidermis intact. This process initiates a wound-repair process which includes fibroblast proliferation and the laying down of collagen fibres. Collagen Induction also increases the absorption of active anti-ageing ingredients that are applied topically, with obvious benefits.

Collagen Induction Therapy assists in maintaining a healthy skin and boosting long term regeneration, thus delaying the ageing process of the skin.

Regular treatments not only stimulate collagen but activate the skin’s natural production of Hyaluronic acid resulting in a more hydrated, plumped complexion.

Collagen Induction Micro-Pen
The Collagen Induction Pen is an advanced form of micro-needling. It is a vast improvement on the roller system and is taking the skin care industry by storm. This anti-ageing treatment makes use of an automated pen and has many advantages over a manual application such as a roller. The micro-needles penetrate the surface of the skin vertically, in rapid succession, without the characteristic ‘flick and tear’ action of the roller system. The Collagen Induction Pen is a safe and sterile treatment and offers the following:

Disposable needle cartridges – no cross infection
Adjustable needle depth
Adjustable speed
Effectively treat hard to reach areas such as frown lines and upper lip
Shortens treatment time
Treatment can be tailored specifically according to the client’s requirements
Improves the results with minimum discomfort and downtime
How does Collagen Induction Therapy work
During the Collagen Induction process, the penetration of the micro-needles into the epidermal layer of the skin creates numerous micro-injuries, stimulating the fibroblast cells to increase collagen production. This can be seen as “controlled wounding” of the skin. It is perceived by the body as an injury, which stimulates the release of growth factors. These triggers the production of collagen and elastin. The skin reacts to any injury by initiating the healing process thereby “tricking” the skin into repair-mode.

The channels that are created by the Collagen Induction Pen also allow for increased absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Thereby creating a stimulated repair process and faster resurfacing results.

Although results are visible within 10 days, the actual result only becomes apparent after approximately 90 days, since it takes around 3 months for the newly produced collagen fibres to mature. Upon maturation, these fibres shrink slightly, thereby creating the firmer, plumper appearance.

When compared to other anti-ageing treatments such as filler injections, the advantage of the Collagen Induction Pen treatment is that it activates the skin’s own self-repair mechanism, rather than having a foreign substance injected into the skin.

How long is the treatment
A treatment with the Collagen Induction Pen varies in length depending on the area selected for treatment. Localised treatment of a frown line can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish, whereas treating the entire face could take as long as 45 minutes. However, this excludes the time it takes for the numbing cream for take effect, so an extra 20 minutes should be allowed for.

Which areas respond well to treatment
The following areas respond well to treatment with the Collagen Induction Pen:

Localized areas such as upper lip, smile lines, frown lines
Crow’s feet around the eyes
Bags under the eyes
Acne Scarring
Sagging skin e.g. neck area
Age spots
Fine lines and wrinkles
What changes can be realistically expected
Results become visible within 10 days, however each individual’s results will vary. Cell turnover can be as short as 28 days, however in some cases collagen remodeling can take up to 90 days, since this is the time that it takes for new collagen fibres to mature. Therefore it is recommended for a client to have a course of at least 4-6 treatments to receive optimal results.

Is the treatment painful
When compared to other anti-ageing treatments, the Collagen Induction Pen treatment is surprisingly comfortable. Since the treatment depth can be set, the therapist is able to adjust the intensity of treatment according to the area being worked on. For instance, the forehead is more sensitive than the cheeks, due to a lack of subcutaneous tissue. She will therefore adjust treatment intensity accordingly. The use of a topical numbing agent prevent pain during the treatment, however all clients can respond differently.

What is the skins appearance after a treatment
After the procedure the client’s skin will be red and flushed in appearance. The client may experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity. This will greatly diminish after a few hours following the treatment. Within 24-36 hours post treatment the skin will be completely healed.

Is Collagen Induction Therapy safe
Collagen Induction Therapy is minimally invasive and involves minimal downtime as the epidermis stays intact and is not removed. Rapid healing occurs with the correct home care.

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